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Machine Shop Practice

Introduction to Basic Machine Shop Practices


 Machine Shop Work Request
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The Introduction to Basic Machine Shop Practices class is a non credit, no cost class covering 10 weeks of instruction that’s limited to five (5) students per class (MEEG students only). It is for junior and senior level students, though sophomores may enroll, space permitting. The vast majority of the instruction is given in the Student Machine Shop (room 109 MEEG).

The class is taught by the MEEG Research Machinist Mr. Fleming. If you have any questions the best time to contact him is 8-4pm M-F at 575-5506 or

With the privilege of working in the student machine shop, there comes a very high level of personal responsibility. You will be working with high speed and high torque rotating machinery.  You should know there is equipment in the shop that can easily kill or maim an untrained operator and/or seriously injure innocent students or staff standing nearby. Safety is of primary concern and is addressed throughout the classes.

This is a "hands-on" class.  If you don’t like oil or grease on your hands, this is not a class you will enjoy.

Two PDF files on this website pertain to safety.  Each student is required to read and sign them prior to working in the shop. The third PDF file is required when submitting any work to the department shop for fabrication.


To see an over view of the ten (10) classes click on the links below.

Lesson 1 Introduction to the shop and safety practices

Lesson 2 Use of measuring instruments

Lesson 3 Drawing, Dimensioning and Tolerances

Lesson 4 Basic hand tools, their proper use and care

Lesson 5 Basic power tool operation

Lesson 6 Drill press operation

Lesson 7 Introduction to the Milling Machine

Lesson 8 Milling machine project

Lesson 9 Introduction to the Lathe

Lesson 10 Lathe project