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Machine Shop Lesson 1

Machine Shop: Lesson 1 Introduction to the shop and safety practices

Introduction to the shop and safety practices
All students participating in the course will be given safety instructions and are required to review and sign various safety rules sheets, as show below. 

General Shop Safety Practices
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 General shop safety practices

With access to the student shop comes a very high level of personal responsibility. There is equipment in the shop that can easily kill or maim an untrained operator and/or seriously injure innocent students or staff standing nearby.

For all medical emergencies call 911 for assistance the address is Mechanical Engineering Building 863 West Dickson St. Fayetteville Arkansas

Note locations of all fire alarms, extinguishers and first aid boxes in lab areas
If ever in doubt don’t, ask questions of a knowledgeable person
Learn the operation of equipment before attempting to use
No person may work in the Lab area alone, two people are require to be present at all times
Dress appropriately, roll up sleeves, secure long hair and loose clothing, and remove all jewelry
Safety glasses are required at ALL TIMES when in the shop
Hearing protection is required when applicable
Shoes must cover the entire foot.  Leather is preferred though not required
The wearing of shorts or cutoff pants IS NOT allowed in the shop.
Do not wear gloves while operating machines.
No pets are permitted in the lab area (often they are a distraction and become a trip hazard).
Keep a clear mind and focus on your work, ignore distractions
Use only sharp tools, dull tools are dangerous.
Never strike two hardens tools together.
 Do not attempt to punch, chisel, or hammer on hardened materials.
Always use a vice to hold your work
Use wrenches that are properly sized for the job, pull a wrench, never push
Hazardous waste is to be disposed of in appropriate manner, check with instructor
Remember THINK SAFETY!! and No horseplay

I have read and understand the safety rules and access policy
Student Name (print)                                                 Date
______________________________________    _____________

Sign _____________________________________________

Release and Assumption of Risk
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Release and assumption of Risk

Arising from participation in Mechanical Engineering Student Machine Shop usage

I _______________________Intend to participate in the usage of the Mechanical Engineering Student Machine Shop which includes the operation of stationary, and portable  power, equipment and tools. I have been trained in proper safety procedures, including the safe operation of all tools and equipment found in the student machine shop by Benjamin Fleming the Dept’s Scientific Research Tech. on _____________________ Date.

I intend to use the Mechanical Engineering student shop for University related projects only throughout the entirety of my enrollment at the University of Arkansas beginning on this date.

In consideration of the University of Arkansas allowing me to engage in this activity, I agree to assume all risks incident to the above described activity (including the risk of personal injury and/or property damage) an agree to release and hold harmless the University of Arkansas and any of it trustees, officers, employees, or agents from any liability for any injuries to my person or property and assumption of risk shall bind myself, my heirs, by assigns, and my personal representatives.


                   Name (please Print)




Signature of Parent or Guardian (if under 18)

Safety glasses and earplugs, which are required, are issued to each student. A general discussion of shop safety is conducted and the class visits the shop and lab area with instructions on how to use the fire extinguishers, fire alarms and other safety items found in the area.
At the end of the class, students will participate in a brief walk through of the shop to see the tools and machines that will be discussed during the course.  Below are a few of the tools found in the student shop area. 

 Abrasive saw
 Metal Cutting Lathe
 Punch Press